5 Common Things Couples Forget To Do As Their Wedding Day Approaches

5 Common Things Couples Forget To Do As Their Wedding Day Approaches

Planning a wedding is no joke. Some people go as far as to say that it can feel like a full-time job on top of your regular job and other everyday responsibilities. Wedding planning takes a lot of energy, brainpower, and time.

Even the most organized couples forget things as the day approaches. It’s almost impossible to do everything perfectly – and that’s totally okay! Remember the reason for the celebration and embrace the process all the way to the altar, even when you hit a few bumps (or potholes) along the way.

Here is a list of some common things that couples overlook or forget as they approach their big day:

Hire or Designate a Point of Contact

No, the day-of point of contact cannot be you. I know, I know. You’ve planned the whole wedding, you have all the answers, and you’ll have your phone with you anyway, so you can just answer and handle being the contact for the day.

PLEASE, NO! If we could only give one single piece of advice to couples it would be to have a day-of point of contact. We know it sounds easy to just pick up the phone while you’re getting your curls pinned up, but the reality is when issues arise on your wedding day, it’s not that glamorous.

While a professional, hired wedding coordinator/planner is HIGHLY recommended, if this isn’t a possibility for you, at the very least find a friend or family member who is not in the bridal party to be the point of contact for you. While they may not be able to foresee or handle the day as well as a skilled professional could, they will be able to at least intercept some of the phone calls (and stress) for you.

Select a Family Member Herder for Portraits

We all have that one uncle (or six) who wanders off or the aunt who always seems to find herself first in line at the cocktail hour bar. However, when you have family portraits to take and only a small window of time to do so, it is important to have everyone standing by (or “on deck”) right after the ceremony. This means Aunt Sally will have to wait for that glass of Chardonnay – don’t worry the bar will still be there when photos are done, I promise.

This is where a wedding coordinator/planner would play a huge factor in moving along the photo process – cause let’s be honest, Aunt Sally isn’t the only one who is ready for the party portion of the evening. With or without a coordinator, we highly recommend asking (in advance) a responsible family member or close family friend who knows who everyone is to be available to herd family members who seem to have gone astray (ahem, check the line at the bar). This will help portraits go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Trust me – you, your family, and your photographer will all thank you.

Bring Your Marriage License

The marriage license isn’t exactly as exciting (or as memorable) as the rings, veil, or DIY reception additions you’ve worked on for months, but it is very important. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation and be sure you are aware of any deadlines for applying for your marriage license.

While not as exciting as selecting your centerpieces, wedding cake tasting or trying on your perfect dress, your marriage license is a huge part of making your union official!

Have Special Items Ready for Photos

Your photographer will most likely ask you for various items to be in the bridal suite for easy access when they arrive so they can get right to capturing the details of your day. A few items that couples sometimes forget are the ones not necessarily needed for the big day, like an invitation set.

When packing for your big day, go ahead and put an invitation set, the rings, bride’s shoes, bride’s jewelry, veil, and any unique/special items (photos of someone who you want to remember, a Bible, etc) in one box/area so the photography team can grab them all at once and get working to get them perfectly documented. Make sure you inform your photography team of any and all specific items and photos you would like from your big day.

Determine Who is Responsible for Your Personal Items

Again, a wedding coordinator is helpful in collecting and packing all of your personal items, décor, etc at the end of your event, however once they collect and pack everything up, they need to know who to give it to.

Make sure to select a responsible friend or family member to collect all your items and get them back to you at a later date. Make sure this person knows of their responsibility in advance, so they know to stick around for the coordinator to give them all of your items. This should eliminate the confusion of where your gifts and personal items end up at the end of the night so you don’t wake up the next morning wondering if someone grabbed your card box or remembered to collect the guest book.

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