The dream of being a wedding planner started for me when I was a young girl. I was completely awe-struck by every aspect of weddings that I was exposed to, from blushing brides in their gorgeous gowns to the breathtaking venues they danced the night away in. My cousin and I used to pretend to play “wedding planner,” a game we coined ourselves so that we had yet another excuse to go through dozens of wedding magazines and cut out pictures for inspiration and “file them away” in our different wedding organizational folders. Once we had inspiration for every aspect of the wedding, we would put away the file in the cleaned out dresser drawer where our bathing suits had once been. Even at such a young age we knew how important it was to be tidy and organized in order to be a successful event planner. My cousin and I eventually grew out of playing “wedding planner” but I continued to buy wedding magazines with my hard-earned allowance money and continued to save pictures for event  inspiration. My love for weddings and events soon became a passion, and I started to plan family events such as bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings. I fell in love with planning real life events just as I had fallen in love with planning imaginary events in our “wedding planner” game years before. Then came my wedding. This was the real deal. When I first got engaged I was so excited to be able to plan a wedding from start to finish. I immediately made a to-do list, reviewed all my Pinterest boards once again, and began eagerly making appointments with potential vendors. I remember planning my wedding and with each decision I remember thinking, “One day I want to help other brides make all these decisions and to help them enjoy every single crazy, fun, and important decision of the event planning process.” So here I am, with my own event planning company, filled with a passion to provide creative inspiration, endless support, and great peace for you as you plan your celebrations.

With Love,
Christine Olive