Do I really need a wedding coordinator?

Do I really need a wedding coordinator?

Weddings are expensive – I get it. The budget can spiral out of control so quickly that hiring another vendor automatically translates to dollar signs in your head. I totally understand.

While I would love to tell you that you don’t actually need a wedding coordinator for your big day and save you the extra money, let me debunk the top 3 most common arguments I am given by couples who think a wedding coordinator is unnecessary or not worth the extra expense.

Argument Number One

I planned my whole wedding already so why would I hire a wedding planner?”

Answer: Okay, so there is a big difference between having a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator for your big day. Most vendors provide both options, however the service that it entails is very different, so lets break down the differences really quick:

A wedding planner helps you make vendor decisions, tour venues, helps with your budget allocation, and helps you for a longer period of time before your big day. A wedding planner is typically hired closer to the start of your wedding planning journey.

A wedding coordinator is typically hired closer to your actual wedding date (many vendors do not start the process until 2 months or less before the event). With a wedding coordinator, you plan your entire wedding, make every decision, research and select your vendors, and communicate with vendors in regards to their services, timeline, etc. Then, on the day of your wedding the wedding coordinator applies all the decisions you’ve made and make sure every vendor is appropriately performing their duties as you have contracted them.

Now that we’ve briefly gone over the difference between the two, let’s go back to the original question. If you’ve already planned your wedding and selected all your vendors, you would most likely be looking at hiring a wedding coordinator to execute the beautiful day you’ve designed.

Argument Number Two

Why would I pay someone to make sure my vendors do what I’ve already paid each of them to do?”

Answer: As much as I wish this wasn’t true, the reality is that people don’t always do what they say they are going to do and mistakes often happen. So while I’d love to be able to tell you that you should save the money and everything will work out fine, I wouldn’t feel right recommending that on such a significant day.

The best way I have found to explain this is that you need to consider your wedding coordinator as your wedding day insurance. You’ve spent so much time and money on your big day that it would be disappointing for something(s) to go wrong and it not be fixed because you didn’t spend the extra money to have someone there to watch out for and protect your day.

When you have a coordinator, you have someone on site throughout the day watching out for your best interest while you (and your loved ones) enjoy getting ready and preparing for one of the biggest days of your life. So when the photo booth vendor gets into a car accident or the table linens are wrinkled or when the florist is running late you don’t get a phone call from them and then are frantic trying to find a solution (or find out upon entering your reception). Instead, you have someone who is looking out for you and solving problems before you even know they exist. So while your coordinator is rearranging the timeline with the photo booth company, sending back the linens to be ironed, and calling the florist when they are running behind to confirm they are on their way, you’re having your hair curled, laughing with your bridesmaids and sipping your mimosa.

Argument Number Three

My venue comes with a day-of coordinator so why would I waste money and hire another one?”

Answer: Again, I wish I could say, “If your venue comes with a coordinator you are good to go!” But I can’t. While it is great to have a venue that comes with a coordinator, a venue coordinator and a personal coordinator typically take on very different roles on the day of your wedding.

While there are some exceptions, a venue coordinator typically watches out for the venue’s responsibilities, such as setup, wait staff, and catering. A personal coordinator takes care of all your vendors, creates and follows your timeline for the day, watches out for you personal style and vision, and handles any issues that arrive in regards to style, vendors, or changes. A good personal coordinator is only worried about making sure your vision comes to life – so if the centerpieces show up and are the wrong ones or there is something about the reception space that feels empty, your personal coordinator will step in and make the decision he/she feels you would make if you were there to make it. With a personal coordinator you have someone who will stand up for and vouch for you so you don’t have to have a single worry about whether your day will come together as you hoped – you have a guarantee.

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