Greenery Everywhere

Greenery Everywhere

Greenery is one of this year’s biggest wedding trends – from classic wedding staples like bouquets and boutonnieres to newer ideas, such as floral arches, photo op spots, and the use of greenery to accent cakes, party favors, and signage throughout your venue.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres: The classic versions of these wedding staples use traditional flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. Newer renditions of bouquets and boutonnieres use mostly (or solely) greenery to create a whimsical, romantic style.

Table Design & Centerpieces: Traditional floral centerpieces have been surpassed by greenery garland and candles surrounded by lush green color, helping to create whimsical style tables that contribute to an overall romantic feel of the reception.

Cake Accents: Greenery accents have taken over the role of fondant embellishments on wedding cakes. Cakes that were once covered with hardened sugar flowers and crystallized sugar pearls have been replaced with fresh greenery pieces for a simplified, natural style wedding dessert.

Hair Accents: From full floral crowns to small greenery accent pieces, natural hair accessories have boomed in popularity in the last few years. They add a natural, soft, romantic feel to any hair style.

Chair & Plate Accents: On your big day, the small details can push your venue from a beautiful location to a wonderful, romantic, and unique atmosphere. Adding greenery to ceremony chairs and reception place settings are a great way to create unique, tiny details that your guests will surely notice and remember.

Signage: Signs have become a huge aspect of wedding decor in the past few years. With the rise of Pinterest and the DIY brides, signage has become a great way to express gratitude, inform your guest of where to sit, or to simply add an extra design touch to your ceremony and reception decor. Adding some greenery and florals to your signage adds the perfect pop of natural, romantic style that helps signage blend seamlessly into your decor.

Floral Arches: Floral arches may be the most popular addition to wedding decor in the last 10 years. They are a wonderful addition to any ceremony space, framing the bride and groom in a beautiful, romantic way. One of the best aspects of floral arches is that they can be decorated in so many different ways, so they can be custom designed to perfectly match the couple’s desired style for their wedding day.

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