Simple & Fun Donut Themed Birthday Party

Simple & Fun Donut Themed Birthday Party

Our love of donuts and whimsical decor blended together to create this simple, fun and budget friendly first birthday party.

We had so much fun putting this party together. If you’re on a budget, but still want a beautiful set up and fun decor, this is the perfect party idea for you!

What you’ll need:
Donuts – lots of them! We used a local donut shop that makes gourmet donuts with fun toppings so they were extra pretty on the table, but any donuts will work! We also bought different kinds of munchkins to display & to use for to-go boxes as favors for guests.
Clear hexagon name plates – we got ours from amazon. We had a local vendor who makes sticker decals create some that would fit on the name plates with the kind of donuts that we were going to have
Small containers of play dough – the dollar store had ones that were the perfect size for this. We removed the play dough from the container and left it in the shape and pressed some sprinkles into it. Then, we put the hexagon name pates into the play dough to stand them up.
Mini milk containers – we got an assortment of regular, chocolate and strawberry milks.
Blue 3-tier carts – we put baking trays (from the dollar store) inside each of the tiers, filled with some ice & then displayed the mini milk containers in here. We used a second cart to display munchkin donut take away boxes.
Mini to go boxes & tongs for guests to fill their own to go containers of munchkin donuts.
Coffee – Whatever your favorite kind of coffee is, get some! Don’t forget creamer(s), sugar packets cups/lids & stirrers
For decor, we kept it simple and used glass milk containers and filled them with white gumballs to look like milk (if you are having an indoor party, feel free to use milk for this – if outside, we recommend the gumballs to avoid spilling). For an added pop of color and elegance, add stems of colorful flowers to the milk glasses.

As you can see, this party was relatively simple, but made a fun statement for this sweet first birthday party.

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We also used some print outs from Pixel Perfection Party on Etsy

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