The Pinterest Trap

The Pinterest Trap

Ahh Pinterest – is there anything greater than seemingly endless inspiration on one, easy-to-use platform?

I mean where else can I find wedding inspiration, how to organize my kitchen cabinets, AND how to make 20 freezer to crockpot meals in under an hour all in one convenient location– Am I right?! I love Pinterest as much as anyone, but be careful to not fall into what I call “The Pinterest Trap.”

“What’s the Pinterest trap?” – Glad you asked!

The Pinterest Trap is when you get so attached to a specific picture (or fifteen) that you want it (or them) exactly recreated for your big day.

Inspiration is essential for wedding planning. It makes it fun and exciting and helps you visualize the different components of your big day. But when you get too attached to a very specific photo or idea it can pose a few problems.

Problem #1: On a Budget

Okay, so I hope I’m not ruining the magic of Pinterest for anyone here (like touring Disney underground and seeing the characters walking around), but wedding ideas you see on Pinterest are generally not cost effective to someone on a budget.

I know it’s disappointing, but that grand, cascading ceremony arch covered in lush greenery, garden roses, and peonies may not be in your budget ballpark (I know it certainly wasn’t in mine). So when brides get their hearts set on an exact photo, it can lead to disappointment when they discover that single arch would forfeit their entire floral and videography budget for their big day.

I never want a couple to be disappointed with any aspect of their big day. Sometimes this is inevitable, but when it’s not I like to make sure we can avoid it. Budget often leads to disappointment – no bride wants to be daydreaming about her big day to be shocked back to reality by the high price tag. A big way to avoid this is to make sure to not get your heart set on exact images or items from a wedding you’ve seen photos of on social media or Pinterest. You most likely don’t have the same exact budget as the Pinterest wedding you’re drooling over– but good news! You don’t have the same exact personality, family or fiancé either. You are unique and your wedding day should be too!

Problem #2: Lack of Uniqueness

Every single person on earth has a unique fingerprint, iris, and DNA code. That’s one of the things that makes the world such an adventure! There is so much variety among us, and with it so many different personalities, styles, and ways of doing things. I’m constantly amazed when I think that no two wedding days are exactly the same – It is my absolute favorite part of my job!

I can tell you from experience that the best weddings are the ones that stay true to the couple being celebrated. As a couple you are unique, so your wedding should be too!

Don’t get trapped into specific styles simply because they are trending. Similarly, try not to get wrapped up in having aspects of your wedding perfectly match a photo you saved to your phone from your favorite Instagram personality. Let the photos you love inspire you, but make it your own in some way by adding in special touches that are specific to you two as a couple. After all, your big day is to celebrate the two of you – the unique, wonderful, one-of-a-kind couple you are!

Problem #3: Stifles Vendor Creativity

As the strong Type A personality and slight micromanager that I am, (I just know my sweet husband is chuckling at my usage of “slight” right there – just go with it honey), it pains me slightly to say this, but giving exact photos to vendors and wanting them to execute the same image exactly can often stifle creativity.

When I planned my wedding over 5 years ago, I was so nervous and had everything so planned out that I told each vendor exactly what I was looking for, including extensive emails, mock up drawings and all. This was a mistake (cue husband laughing, again). Now don’t get me wrong, you need to be thorough in your vendor choices and style selection for your big day. Having a wedding planner can help ensure expectations between you and your vendors are clear so everyone is on the same page without going over the top with micromanaging the awesome professionals you have hired.

It’s one thing to provide inspiration photos to show your vendors the style you like and the overall vision you have for your big day. It’s a totally different thing to insist vendors recreate someone else’s work entirely.

Think of vendors as artists (which we are)! Each vendor has a unique work method and style. You would never ask a professional artist to recreate a different artist’s masterpiece exactly, so why would you ask a vendor you’ve hired to recreate someone else’s work down to the last detail.

Be sure to do extensive research before selecting and booking your specific vendors to make sure their style blends with the specific style and feel you want for your big day, then talk with them about what you like (and dislike), and show them photos for inspiration – not recreation.

I can almost guarantee that any good vendor will do better work when given room for their creativity and unique style to shine through, than when they are attempting to recreate someone else’s work.

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*We want to be clear, Pinterest is absolutely amazing – It is hands down our favorite source for inspiration and endless scrolling. I mean, who needs sleep at 2am – right?

This article is to simply express that Pinterest is best used as inspiration to help you discover your wedding day style so that you can design a one-of-a-kind day that is true to who you and your fiancé are together. Stick to who you are and we have no doubt your day will be absolutely amazing and unique – just like you!



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