To First Look or Not to First Look?

To First Look or Not to First Look?

That is the question. A lot of couples are torn on whether or not to break the age-old tradition of not seeing each other on the wedding day – but at what cost?

Pros and cons: One of the biggest advantages of doing a first look is having more time to take photos and portraits, so you are less rushed and end up with more photos – both huge bonuses! Of course, another huge reason to do a first look is to have a special, intimate moment with your (soon-to-be) spouse before all the festivities (and people) commence!

Typically, the biggest reason couples decide against a first look is for the sake of not breaking tradition. With this comes the fact that the ceremony attendees don’t get to witness the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time.

If you can’t come to terms with breaking tradition, and want to keep that moment of the groom seeing his bride for the first time as she’s walking down the aisle, here are three fun alternatives to a typical first look that can give you some stunning photos while you hold on to tradition.

Exclude the Groom

I know what you’re thinking … it’s his day too! But hear me out. This is a great compromise that still gets you those gorgeous photos without jeopardizing tradition. A father or mother of the bride first look can give you goose bump worthy photos. You can also do a first look with your bride squad if they haven’t seen your dress yet, and have your photographer snag the reactions of all your closest ladies.

Photo credit: Black & Hue Photography

Get Creative
with Your Space

Okay so the groom can’t see his bride on the wedding day… then use your venue to your advantage. Does your venue have a dramatic staircase? Have the bride staged on top of the stairs and the groom underneath for a fun photo op. No dramatic staircase in your chosen space? No worries! Find a wall or corner and have your photographer and wedding planner strategically place you both on either side – added bonus – take this time to hold hands, pray together, read notes from one another or exchange gifts for a wider variety of photos and a few unforgettable moments.
Photo credit: Second Street Photography

Use Props – and the Bride Card!

Grab a blindfold or tie (make sure it matches your style/colors!) and wrap it around the groom’s eyes to get some of those pre-ceremony shots of the two of you. Walk up to your groom (maybe even give him one more hug before the I dos!) and take in the moment, while your photographer snags a few precious shots. It’s not really fair that he has to be blindfolded and you get to sneak a peek, but hey you’re the bride – here’s your chance to play the bride card one final time – use it! If you really trust that your groom won’t try to sneak a peek, you can instruct him to keep his eyes shut to avoid using a blindfold in the photos. But trust at your own risk – he might not be able to resist!

Photo credit: Andrielle Photography

No matter what you decide on the first look, be sure to communicate your wishes with your photography and videography team, as well as your wedding planner, so all the details and moments of your big day that are most important to you are captured!

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