1st Birthday Party: Mermaid Theme

1st Birthday Party: Mermaid Theme

Planning this mermaid themed first birthday party for Leila Jane was SO much fun! This party was hosted at a beach pavilion with over 70 guests. Here are some of the pros and cons to throwing an event at such a space.

The biggest pros to hosting a party at an outdoor space, such as a beach pavilion:

  • a cheaper alternative to other event spaces
  • plenty of space for guests to hang out, converse, and play games

Some of the cons to planning your event or party at such an outdoor space:

  • designing the space to feel fully decorated can be challenging
  • there are often rules and regulations that must be followed (ie – no attaching decorations to any surfaces)
  • weather – not much you can do about this one (except keep your fingers crossed) but something to keep in mind!

Pro Tip: Concentrate on intricate details to make an outdoor space feel perfectly decorated. For example, use themed food items, have unique drink options, and themed signage, etc.

This mermaid birthday party turned out so wonderful. I love when a theme and vision come together! Check out some photos from the event below.

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