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Greenery Everywhere

Posted by admin on  September 21, 2017
Category: Weddings
Greenery is one of this year’s biggest wedding trends – from classic wedding staples like bouquets and boutonnieres to newer ideas, such as floral arches, photo op spots, and the use of greenery to accent cakes, party favors, and signage throughout your venue. Bouquets & Boutonnieres: The classic versions of these wedding staples use traditional flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. Newer renditions of bouquets and boutonnieres use mostly (or solely) greenery to create a whimsical,

1st Birthday Party: Mermaid Theme

Posted by admin on  July 20, 2017
Category: Birthdays
Planning this mermaid themed first birthday party for Leila Jane was SO much fun! This party was hosted at a beach pavilion with over 70 guests. Here are some of the pros and cons to throwing an event at such a space. The biggest pros to hosting a party at an outdoor space, such as a beach pavilion: a cheaper alternative to other event spaces plenty of space for guests to hang out, converse, and play

Creative Twists on the Classic Guest “Book”

Posted by admin on  April 27, 2017
Category: Weddings
Okay, so one of my absolute favorite parts of my wedding day (aside from getting to marry my very best friend, of course!) was having (almost) all of the people I love and cherish in my life being in one place at one time to celebrate with me. I have a big family, and while I could never (and I mean NEVER) forget how loved and supported I am, it was the greatest feeling in the

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