How to Get the Most Out of Your Photography Coverage

How to Get the Most Out of Your Photography Coverage

As a wedding planner, one of the most important parts of my job (if not THE most important part) is connecting you with vendors who best fit your personality, style, and taste. It’s a job I take incredibly seriously, as I know that a vendor team can make (or break) an event.

It’s also always a top priority of mine to do everything in my power to make sure your day comes to life just as you envisioned it (sometimes, even better). This includes making sure you and your vendor team are set up for event success!

Photographers are some of the most involved vendors in your big day. They’re up close and personal throughout the event to make sure they’re able to capture as many beautiful moments as possible for you.

So what can you do to ensure your photographers are well cared for and that you get the most out of your photography coverage?

Best to hear it from the experts themselves! I asked some of the industry’s greatest photography professionals to chime in with some tips for you that  help them in capturing your day perfectly.

Jessica Bellinger Photography

“Something that helps me do my job better is when my couples plan their wedding at a time where there is still enough sunlight left for photos. Usually, you want 1-2 hours of light after the ceremony for photo time. I have had some couples accidentally not take light into account when planning their ceremony time and then run out of time for pretty naturally lit photos. Some couples decide to do a first look, for this reason, to get their photos out of the way before the ceremony so that they don’t have to worry about photos too much after.”                          @jessicabellphotog

Beca Hale Photography

“Letting family members who are going to be in family formals know ahead of time (a couple days before) that they should stay put before heading to cocktail hour! Hunting down relatives and dragging them away from the bar can take so much time and makes for a stressful family formal time.”                          @becahalephoto

Sunny Lee Photography

“Communicate with your photographer(s) what photos are the most important to you prior to wedding day. Some brides don’t care about reception décor photos, and want party cocktail photos instead. Communicate well with your photographer(s) so they can meet your expectations.”                          @sunnyleephoto

Poirier Photography

“It is best to feed your photography team while you are eating and not after. Once you are finished eating, the party continues and you don’t want your photographer(s) to miss any moment. Plus, you are not your most photogenic while eating.”                                                 @poirierweddingphotography

Masson Liang Photography

“HIRE A PLANNER! Don’t try to do it yourself — it makes your life WAY easier, keeps you sane, and insures that you will be the best use of your time.”                                                                                                     @massonliangphoto           

Photography by V

“One of my favorite things is getting ready photos! I think that it’s super important to pick a nice place to get ready. Places that are bigger (especially if you have a large bridal party or family getting ready with you) are great because everyone isn’t squished and you’re able to hide clutter in the closets.”  @_photographybyv         

Judith Rae Photography

“Creating a clear and concise list of groupings for family portraits (ahead of time) and appointing a friend or family member who knows both families is incredibly helpful and allows for us to stay focused on efficiently capturing beautiful family portraits.”                                                                            @judithraenyc    

Krystal Capone Photography

“My biggest piece of advice to make the most out of wedding day photography coverage is a first look! Although not “traditional”, “first looks” can be super intimate and sweet. You get to share that moment seeing each other completely by yourselves (and grooms have more freedom to express themselves!) All photos can be done prior to the ceremony and it allows for so much more time to explore your venue and give us precious time together. When couples choose to forego a first look, it forces us to squeeze in bride and groom portraits, bridal party portraits and family formal portraits all during the cocktail hour. Couples that choose a first look always feel that their wedding was less rushed, more organized and they were able to enjoy their time with their guests after the ceremony (and I’d have to agree with all of this!)”                                                                                     @krystalcaponephoto

Erin Oceane Photography

“When clients provide a list of the most important people for photos. All other moments can be captured based on the feel of the day, raw natural moments. I know there are those few very important people every bride and groom needs to have a portrait with. So knowing that in advance helps.”           @erinoceane

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