Socially Distanced Rapunzel Birthday Party

Socially Distanced Rapunzel Birthday Party

What do you do when you have a sweet, Tangled-loving little girl turning four during a pandemic? You put together a fun, socially-distanced activity to celebrate! Luckily for us, Rapunzel herself is a fan of fresh air, painting and adventure 😉

We had so much fun whipping up this super fun idea for this cutie. Here’s what was included:

Rapunzel’s Tower
What you’ll need:
– 2 large pieces of sheet plywood
– Wooden 4×4 (to create a way to stand up the tower)
– Circular saw (to cut the shape out)
– Thin painters tape (to outline the design on the tower)
– Hot glue gun & glue sticks
– Spray paint in colors you’d like (we used ivory, light purple & brown)
– Silk greenery & flowers of choice (we got them on sale at Michaels)

Braided Rapunzel Hair
What you’ll need:
– Yellow yarn – a lot of it! We purchased ours at Michaels on sale.
– Rubber bands
– Large flower clips in various colors – Again, Michaels on sale post Springtime for the win

Painting Supplies
What you’ll need:
– Painting easel(s)
– Painting canvas
– Acrylic paints
– Paint brushes

Princess Attire for the Birthday Girl
What you’ll need:
– Rapunzel dress
– Rapunzel crown

Balloon Arch
What you’ll need:
– Balloons in the colors of your choosing
– Fishing line/thin string
– Tiny (very tiny) rubberbands or clear plastic hair ties

Links to Exact Products Used:
Rapunzel Dress:
Rapunzel Crown:
Pascal Stuffed Animal:
Mini Flower Clips for Birthday Girl’s Hair:

Links to Products Similar to the Ones Used:
Acrylic Paint:
Paint Brush Set:
Yellow Yarn:
Rapunzel Hair Large Clip Flowers:
Fake Greenery Garland:

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